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Anaerobic Digestion on a Farm-Scale

anaerobic digestion on a farm scale

An anaerobic digestion plant that is the right size for use on a UK farm. Generate electricity from cow slurry. No need to import feedstocks. No need to grow energy crops. Make money from the Feed-in Tariff. Protect against future energy cost increases. A proven technology. Low capital cost and high return on investment. An impossible dream? All in a days work for Advanced Anaerobics Limited.

KFB Series

(in Germany)


Take the slurry from 100 to 300 cows. Generate 30kW of electricity from 8 to 24 hours per day. One full-scale plant running near the Dutch-German border since 2011. A second now running near Dusseldorf. KFB has developed a cost-effective anaerobic digester optimized for the German market. Drawing on this experience, AAL has created SlurryGen to meet the specific needs of dairy farms in the UK.


(for the UK)

SlurryGen Series

SlurryGen extracts energy from cow slurry to meet farm energy demands. Surplus electricity is exported to the grid. Treated slurry retains its nutrient value for fertiliser use. Choose from three sizes to suit the amount of slurry available. Today cow slurry only. Tomorrow a broader range of materials arising on the farm. A new source of farm revenue at an affordable cost.

Latest News

new website launched

27 October, 2014: KFB confirms nine months of successful operation of its new Dusseldorf plant. Gas production and electricity output above expectations

new website launched

21 August, 2014: Tim Welsh, a leading farm slurry expert, joins AAL as Director of Sales

new website launched

20 August, 2014: AAL secures grid connection and planning consent for its pioneer customer in Scotland

Anaerobic Digestion A Natural Process

Anaerobic digestion is an increasingly important bio-technology based on the natural process in which micro-organisms break down organic matter to make biogas, a source of renewable energy, and digestate, a nutrient-rich fertiliser.

Key Points

  • Simple proven technology, sized to work on a UK farm available now
  • Essential tool for advanced sustainable farming practice
  • Short payback on realistic investment, plus lease options
  • Easy to buy, easy to own, easy to use